School Life

German lesson differently

By Kristof Kocs

At the end of January, some of our students studying German went to the Goethe Institute. This school is a part of a German language school network all around Europe, including Budapest. It is located in the city center of Budapest (Ráday street, 9th district) near Boráros square. You can go there with tram line 6 from our school.

In the Goethe Institute you can find articles, brochures, guides and books about the German language, culture and civilization. If you feel like it, you can even take a German language exam while visiting. After arriving, the students drank some hot chocolate and some tea at Jedermann Café, which is part of the Institute and which is famous for its Germanic style.

Afterwards, they played games (e.g puzzles), took quizzes and had an interactive German lesson with a teacher from the Goethe establishment.

In the end they visited the Goethe Library, which is also part of the Goethe Institute and which has more than 6000 books written in German.

We asked Ms. Gál Judit, our German teacher, if she liked the program. She said, “I often go to the Goethe Institute and to its library.  I’ve never been at this specific event and it was much better than I thought it would be. The teacher of the course told me that the students were active, very smart, clever and seemed to really enjoy it! I think all of the students who participated liked it.”

I wanted to confirm whether Ms Gál’s view was accurate so I asked the students for their opinion. All interviewed students indicated that they really enjoyed the event.


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