Questions you’ve never asked your teacher before

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Interview with Mr Andreasz

By Jeanette Abdelmalek

Continuing last year’s teacher interviewing section, we decided to question our PE teacher, who comes from a Greek background, and has been teaching at our school for almost 15 years. With the possibility of refusing to answer any 2 questions, Mr Andreasz answered all 15!

JEANETTE: Can you summarize your life in 3 sentences?
MR ANDREASZ: Childhood full of love, care, fun with family, in Greece, and spending summer holidays in Hungary! As a teenager a life full of sports, hard training, pain, success, and dreams. As an adult, I have a life where I do what I like the most, and I go to Greece every summer to visit my family. Until now, I look back with no regrets, and still dream about the future.

J: If you could change your name, what would it be?
MR A: Christian, after my father.
J: What’s something old-fashioned you like to do?
MR A: Smoking pipe:)

J: Which teacher did you like the most during your highschool period?
MR A: My Greek literature teacher, who, despite being very strict, made me understand, know, and love Greek literature and language. Also, my Maths teacher, who was really amusing.

J: What’s the best thing about being a teacher?
MR A: Being with kids, playing sports, staying in shape, doing what I’ve always liked.

J: What’s the characteristic you hate about yourself?
MR A: I’m too kind.

J: Which countries have you been to?
MR A: England, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Israel, Serbia, Netherlands, Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Albania, Greece, Hungary.

J: And if you could choose, out of those which one would you live in?
MR A: Here, in Budapest! Especially in the countryside.
J: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?
MR A: My phone!

J: Are you for or against social media?
MR A: I am for it because I think it’s a great source of knowledge and entertainment, although I’m against it when it’s used for misleading and useless spending of time.

J: If you had to lose one part of your body, what would it be?
MR A: My head.

J: What’s your biggest fear?
MR A: Climbing on to something more than 1 meter high…and what can make it worse, is doing it in the dark!

J: What’s your favorite movie?
MR A: I have 2 actually: Remains of the Day and The Shawshank Redemption.

J: Describe your perfect pizza!
MR A: Lots of cheese! The more kinds, the better. Some tomatoes, and some ham.

J: If you could change or add one thing to your life, what would it be?
MR A: I would be a pilot. I just love flying, and I’ve always wanted to fly a plane!


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