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The Ideal Laptop for You

By James Cartwright

As a student of the 21st century, an increasing amount of work is expected to be completed on the computer. It is becoming essentially unavoidable, we simply must use a computer one way or another in our school life. Since there is such a huge number of laptops to choose from, the path to finding the perfect computer for your upcoming needs can be particularly daunting. As a student what you don’t want is something with a ridiculous number of LEDs, something with unnecessary computer power, or a massive display. When looking for a laptop, you’ll want it to be cheap, powerful, and portable. Unfortunately for us, we only get to pick two of these factors in a machine, so you’ll have to get your priorities straight.

The following list will help you get a good idea for what you are looking for and hopefully take you one step closer to finding the ideal computer of your choice.


HP Spectre x360 13t – Overall Best


Hewlett-Packard is a big name in the world of IT and has impressed many with its high-end laptop released earlier this year: the HP Spectre x360. This machine is the most powerful device on this list but has a current starting price on their website of $999.99 (250 000 HUF). The Spectre x360 brings to the table what most companies at this point haven’t: the perfect balance between power and portability.

The Spectre x360 gets its name from the fact that the screen can be folded in behind itself as opposed to the traditional ~120°. It is also touch screen (equipped with a pen), hence it can fundamentally be used as a 13-inch tablet when folded 360° from the closed position. This feature is particularly useful for a devoted art student.


Specifications – at starting price
Intel Core i5 8250U
13.3” 1920×1080 IPS micro-edge
360 GB M.2 SSD
16-hour battery life
1.32 kg
30.7 x 21.8 x 1.4 cm

The HP Spectre x360 does pack a huge punch in performance, but that does not mean it shies away in design. The laptop features an elegant aluminium chassis (frame) and brushed metal finish holding it together firmly. The Spectre x360 is a few millimetres larger than its own USB port, making it one of the thinnest devices out there.

Furthermore, it includes the high-quality keyboard that most laptops fail to provide, leaning toward a more mechanical function in its tactile and responsive feedback. The trackpad has a glass finish, leaving behind that premium impression you simply can’t get at lower price ranges. The Spectre x360 features a single USB port, a pair of thunderbolt-3 ports, a volume rocker, and between those two, a fingerprint scanner.


LG Gram 13 – Runner-up


Our runner up would have to be a laptop supplied by LG. Their masterpiece of a machine just got better. Last year LG had released the Gram 13, one of 2017’s best laptops, but it still had its flaws. After a year, LG comprised their list of criticism and surprisingly fixed everything about it. For a laptop priced at $1099.99 (275,000 HUF), it had poor webcam placement, so, for example, during a skype call it would be looking up at your face instead of facing you. In addition, there was no USB Type-C port and the CPU was a dual-core. Now its 2018 model makes up for all of that and despite the now quad-core processor, LG still provides an incredible battery life of up to 22.5 hours.

The LG Gram 13 features a metal build and gets its name from its weight, coming in at around one kilo. It has a neatly placed fingerprint scanner on its power button, unlike a similarly priced phone *clears throat*. You most definitely get what you pay for with the Gram 13 and it is also available in 14 and 15 inch models. Overall it covers everything you could want in a laptop. The reason the Spectre x360 is a preferred machine is both the price and the Spectre x360’s practical ability to be folded in multiple ways. The Spectre is also better suited for those wanting to use the laptop for art.

Specifications – at starting price
Intel Core i5-8250U
8 GB LPDDR3/DDR4 (not yet stated)
13.3” 1920×1080
256 GB SSD
22.5-hours of battery life
0.95 kg
28.6x 21.1 x 1.25 cm

Lenovo Yoga 510 – On a budget


Sacrificing power and a bit of portability, you reach the Lenovo Yoga 510, a wallet friendly machine at half the price of the Spectre X360, being $500 (125,000 HUF). It’s not the prettiest or the fastest machine, but if you aren’t looking to run any specification heavy software, it may be all you need.

Specifications – at starting price
Intel Core i5
13.0” 2160 x 1440
128 GB SSD
8-hour battery life
1.75 kg
28.6x 21.1 x 1.25 cm


It’s uncommon at this price range to get a touchscreen and rapid recharge rates (2.5h to full charge), yet Lenovo seems to provide such. The MateBook X fails to provide touchscreen and a USB port, but you’ll receive both in the Lenovo Yoga 510, as you should in any Windows 10 laptop.

The Yoga 510 is unfortunately heavier and bulkier. At this price you shouldn’t be surprised to get some weight to your machine: under 2kg. An additional downside is Lenovo has infested their laptop, as usual, with junk software, which is simply unnecessary. Despite that, for $500 nothing really competes with the Yoga 510 as a student laptop


The choice is down to you. By getting the low end of the spectrum you save money, but you have to live with the bulk. If you don’t have as much to spend, the Lenovo Yoga 510 is your best bet. If you do, on the other hand, you will notice you have a massive choice to pick from, hence we’ve picked out the top two that we recommend. You aren’t limited to Windows either, MacBooks are highly portable and reasonably powerful machines.

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