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International Day

International Day is the highlight of the year. People from different countries, with different cultures and different mother tongues all speak a common language to communicate about a special part of the world. France, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany and Canada were just a few among the many nations represented on the diverse day, April 21, 2018. Students’ and teachers’ vibrant laughter and conversations blended in perfectly with the spicy Indian food, the exotic Mexican dishes, and the Mediterranean taste of the Greek traditional recipes. Costumes, music and performances… What else do you need for a perfect Saturday?

Busyness. Boisterous students. Familiar? Let us run down memory lane, back to 8:30 A.M. on the 21st. All classes joined their collective tables and immediately got to work to impress the jury, consisting of Miss Varga, Mr. MacLean and Mr. Andreasz, with their wonderful decorations. The otherwise plain room was lively from blossoming Japanese trees, vintage French décor pieces, colorful Mexican drapery and red flags, both Swiss and Canadian. Decorating took approximately an hour and by this time all participants were quite hungry. However, eating could not start unless the jury had visited all tables to inquire about the classes’ involvement with the foods prepared and the decorations put into place. Once the jury finished their questioning and savored all kinds of foods, students and other teachers could raid the stands. Cheerful chatting once again filled the room.

The only time the room was quiet was when the performances began at 10:50. Each class took turns to present a thrilling piece about their chosen country. These were not your average school presentations, as students put heart and soul into their performance. From music, to dancing, to video elements to funny skits and impersonations the day was definitely much brighter than the burning sun could ever made it out to be. Talents in guitar playing, singing, costume making and acting were showcased wonderfully throughout the two-hour long act. On the other hand, the best part was the reaction to these performances. Everyone was extremely respectful and genuinely kind to their schoolmates by being attentive, interactive and by joyfully clapping at the end of each show. Coming together in such an honorable and cohesive manner is wonderful to watch and partake in.

-By Nadine Szabó


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