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Artist, music, and language of the month

Artist of the month

Jean-Francois Millet is a French artist that lived from 1814 to 1875. Millet was born in the family of a farmer in Gréville-Hague in Normandy close to the coast. His talent as an artist was discovered at an early age and was perceived as a gift from God, so his parents gave him money to study in Paris. Today he is mostly famous for drawing episodes of rural life. Millet usually referred to realism and his oeuvre had a great influence on Vincent van Gogh. Also, he is one of the best known Barbezon. His most famous work is “The Gleaners”.

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Music of the month

Oligarkh. This music band was formed in 2014 in Saint-Petersburg. It is an experimental project created by three young musicians. The music itself is very unique to its genre, dark electronica, where house music is combined with orthodox chants. Their best known track is “Forgive us”, where hymn of the Divine Liturgy, so called Trisagon, takes place, this prayer is part of the usual beginning of church services. In the first instance you will be surprised or disgusted by the music, but their artwork is thought-provoking and makes people not forget the traditional roots of Russian music.

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Language of the month

Breton (brezhoneg). It is a language spoken in Northern France in Brittany. There are 210 thousand speakers in Brittany and around 16 in Île-de-France. It is one of the few representatives left of Celtic languages. The facts testify to the very wide spread of the Celts, down to the Balkans and the west of Ukraine. Celtic languages ​​played an important role in the development of many Romance languages, for example French and Italian. But now most of them are endangered. Because of Toubon’s Law, Breton can be only studied in private schools, which significantly reduces the popularity of the language. At the same time, literature, radio and television programs are produced in Breton, and there is a network of schools “Diwan”, where the language is taught.

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By János Szabó

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