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Etgar Keret – The Seven Good Years

The first thing that appealed to me about this book was its color: bright yellow. It is impossible to miss it on the bookshelf. The second interesting thing about The Seven Good Years is the cover art: a slingshot shooting a white dove. Not an ordinary book cover, just like the story itself.

Etgar Keret is a Polish and Israeli writer, known for his short stories and graphic novels. The Seven Good Years gathers his experiences from his son’s birth until his father’s death. He writes about his family life, the political situation in his country, World War II experiences through stories from his parents and life in general. He uses witty and harsh language; this way the serious political situations described feel rather funny and ironic, rather than dangerous and devastating. Seeing the world through his eyes was an extraordinary experience for me, he sees things so differently than I do.

I would recommend this novel for people who would like to get to know the Israeli situation, however, not through a terrifying documentary. Etgar Keret’s use of language is really unique and funny, reading his work might make you giggle on public transport or burst into a big laughter on your couch. Bonus points: If you did not like the story, at least now you have a very vibrant yellow book an your shelf. It’s a win-win situation, in my opinion.

By: Mark Torocsik

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