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2018 Fall Fashion Trends

This year, fall is not as monochromatic and plain as usual. It is the season for patterns, furthermore the mismatching of those motifs. Michael Kors assembled an outfit by using leopard, geometric and floral patterns. That may be too extravagant for a day-to-day life, but it seems that fashion designers are encouraging us to try new styles. Perhaps you will find harmony in the chaotic arrangement of designs.

It is not only the autumn of patterns, but also that of oversized jackets, coats and pullovers. An extra-large item is now a staple piece is in everyone’s wardrobe. You can cozy it up with accessories, such as scarfs, knee-high boots and jeans. Never fret, you will not end up looking like you are dressed as a ghost for Halloween if you do this look right. You can follow the example of actress Kristen Bell who also paired the outfit with a warm turtleneck. Don’t forget to actually stay warm, while looking fashionable.

Also, attempt an incorporation of color. The usual palette for fall is burgundy, brown, black, grey and shades of green. However, 2018 offers you a larger range to choose from: pink, mustard yellow, dashing blues and silver.

You want to wear pretty shoes, but every time you do you gain a pair of blisters? The solution is the invention of furry slides, which are a luxury for the feet. They are warm, but still allow respiration. They never go unrecognized if they are embellished, but they can also be chameleons if the colors and fabric are chosen correctly. Goodbye blisters!

By Nadine Szabo

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