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Elon Reeve Musk

Elon Musk is a rare quintessential combination of intelligence, fortitude, wit, and sarcasm. In my books, he is amongst the historical mentions of genius, which would include Ford, Rockefeller, and of course Tesla himself. However, the man has gotten himself into a bit of heat recently, some of which you may know about.

Him and Tesla Inc were fined $20 million for the following tweet:

image3 (1)

This tweet would make Tesla (TSLA) stock shoot up by 9%, but eventually decline.

A few weeks later, Elon Musk would abandon the idea, despite it not even being approved in the first place by board members. This misleading information resulted in him getting fined, and he has agreed to remove himself as chairman of Tesla for the next three years, but he will remain CEO.

image4 (1)

News outlets have called him ‘’too ambitious for Tesla’s own good”. For the Model 3 production, Musk wanted to automate the entire process. He spent millions on machines that would do the work humans would, however, the systems had failed, and he had to resort to manpower over the summer. This, along with the fact that he insisted on making everything from scratch and avoiding conventional methods from other manufacturers, would cost him both time and money on useless projects and the development of the already existing software/technology. The following behaviour has its upsides, but now is slowing Tesla down from reaching their production forecast of 500,000 electric vehicles for this year.


Earlier this year, the Thai cave incident happened, where 12 young boys and a coach driver were trapped in a cave for two weeks. Elon Musk was prompted to assist by some of his followers; he recruited his engineers to work on a mini-submarine that would pull the boys out through the cave system. Thai authorities later decided not to use the submarine. What did gather media attention was his reaction to the alternative solution where he had called the British diver who aided the rescue a “pedo”.

Despite everything that has happened, Elon Musk remains to be one of my favourite people of the 21st century. I agree with what Palmer Luckey, Oculus VR has to say about him.

“Bruce Wayne. Elon Musk. Tony Stark. Three men worth billions of dollars who care more about solving important problems than living comfortably, but only one of them is real.”

Elon Musk would have to be a genuine ‘’pedo’’ himself for me to hate him.

By James Cartwright

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