The Journey of the NACS Odyssey

Humans after a war which was all around the solar system finally are at peace. During the war they developed a ship which can make jumps from one point of the solar system to the other in a moment. Now they upgraded the drive to be able to jump as far as 30 light years in a moment. This is the first interstellar ship.


In Even Currie’s book, Into the Black (Odyssey One), they send the most advanced military ship to explore interstellar space. This is the first ship capable of leaving the solar system, and what will it find? Spider like aliens or something even scarier? I think finding humans out there is even more scarier, but Even didn’t stop there, we find them in trouble.


This book is full with twists and surprises. It’s military sci-fi, with incredible ship to ship combat, and later on surface combat too, and shows how different humans can be, yet how similar.

By Mark Torocsik

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The Book’s Cover from

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