Give cold a chance, it’s actually good for you

There are many great things about winter. Christmas, ice-skating, hot chocolate—the list goes on. But when most of us are stuck inside bleak classrooms, looking out at muddy streets and grey skies, winter can seem endless and unbearable. Despite the lack of sunshine and rainbows outside right now, there are some hidden benefits of cold weather you may not even know about.

First off, the cold may be helping you sleep better. The body’s internal temperature goes through a natural course throughout a day, with your temperature being hottest in the early afternoon and coldest around bed-time. This is why sleeping in a colder environment can encourage falling into deeper sleep sooner. An added bonus of a cold environment is the increase of melatonin in the body, which is a hormone that fights aging!

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Sleeping helps your under-eyes look brighter and less tired, but the cold has other benefits for your skin as well. Lower temperatures increase blood circulation, which can reduce facial swelling to make you look more chiseled and less puffy. This can make you look more mature. In contrast, the cold reacts with the blood vessels in your cheeks to give you that classic rosy-cheeked look, which can make you look more healthy and youthful. Chiseled yet youthful, truly the epitome of facial beauty standards.

Cool temperatures help you look good, but would you believe me if I told you they also help you feel good? During the winter months, cortisol, a hormone linked to stress, is found to be lower in your body. This leads to a drop in reported acts of crime and violence in colder times of the year.

The bottom line is, while brown snow is disgusting, and suffocating in a scarf isn’t fun, you have to remember to appreciate winter instead of resenting it. Also, while you’re waiting for spring to arrive, you can admire your youthful looking skin and your stress-free peers.

By Sara Raba

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