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iPad Pro 2018

’It’s all new, all screen, and all powerful. Completely redesigned and packed with our most advanced technology, it will make you rethink what iPad is capable of”

All new is one way to describe the latest iPad Pro. Apple has really outdone themselves. For the first time since the iPad Air, the tablet has been redesigned and it’s jaw dropping.

The tablet computer was taken back to the drawing board with little resemblance to its 2016 predecessor. The first thing that might stick out to your average Apple user, is the lack of a home button (*shocker*). Similarly to the latest of iPhones, it is equipped with Face ID instead of Touch ID, however with 360° functionality. This is handy for using it at any orientation, which is what it is intended for.

‘’The new all-new design means the iPad Pro is a magical piece of glass that does everything you need, any way you hold it.’’

And that it is, the new version sits at 247.6mm (H) x 178.5mm (W) x 5.9mm (T), compared to the previous dimensions of 250.6mm x 174.1mm x 6.1 mm. Though the thickness was barely shaved off, it is quite impressive considering it weighs less than half a kilo.

‘’With new, intuitive gestures, getting around is simple’’

Following the violent amputation of the home button, a new interface was in dire need. It strongly resembles the one of the buttonless iPhones, without the distracting notch.

‘’The new Liquid Retina display goes from edge to edge. True-to-life colour and ProMotion technology make everything look gorgeous and feel responsive.’’

It may come as no surprise that it comes with an even sleeker display and Apple’s smartest and most powerful chip to this day, the A12X Bionic. It is said to be faster than 90% of laptops out there and paired with iOS 12 it’s an experience like no other. Users say it is snappy and responsive, as it should be in this day and age. The newest iPad Pro is even capable of running the full version of Adobe Photoshop CC.

‘’USB-C gives you a high-performance connection to accessories like an external display or camera.’’

The addition of a USB-C port came as a bit of a shock to some, but considering on what it can now do, it seems like an excellent choice. When editing videos, you can take them straight off your DSLR Camera and plug it into the device at hand, then if you like you can edit away, by even using a monitor as a secondary display. All of this can be done without the hassle of connecting it into a computer. It can even charge your own phone.

‘‘Apple Pencil now responds to your touch. With a double tap you can quickly change brushes or switch to the eraser, without interrupting your flow.’’

unnamed (2)

The Apple Pencil has also come with a handful of new features and a mild redesign. It no longer plugs into the port to charge/pair, it magnetically attaches to the iPad for pairing and charging. A nifty feature that means you no longer have the inconvenience of a literal pencil sticking out of your device.

In conclusion, the Apple iPad, at $799.99 (not including accessories) comes at a hefty price, almost as much as some of the newer MacBooks, however, the device can replace a laptop. If you were to fully equip your device with the keyboard and the pencil (highly recommended), the starting price would be $1,107.00. To those who are comfortable with the lack of a full operating system, this would be an ideal choice. Also, to those who want something to pair with their desktop computer, it does it all at a very compact size.

All images were sourced from the Apple Website.

By James Cartwright

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